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Mexico has a rich and complex cultural heritage that has evolved from the varied prehispanic cultures that settled in the country. The most enigmatic ones were established in Oaxaca, and they were characterized by unique and peculiar practices and traditions.

The cultural practice of engraving or sculpting human bones after death, was not common in anciente Mexico. In general, it was a treatment considered to be a ritual nature to legitimize links with in a cult related to the ancestors and now reflected in the traditional of "Day of the Death".

It is a must-see exhibit: Unique and impressive.

Contributions from our generous donors make it possible for Casa del Mendrugo Museum to continue presenting our worthy ancient heritage.

“Hurry, Amito,

my Tata is dying in the Sierra.

The tribe is waiting for you…

There is no more time to be a child.

The People are fading, the story is getting lost”

-El Mendrugo y el Zapoteca

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